Interesting Statistics

• Pet businesses are the fastest growing home-based business

• 40 million US households own at least one dog

• Americans spend $34 billion on their pets each year

• 47% of all US households own more than one pet



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One of the most successful Pet Sitting Business Owners in the U.S. shows you how to generate a six-figure income caring for pets!

General Overview of our Site is dedicated to providing all of the business startup resources, tools, information & contacts necessary to start & run an independent or commercial "staff based" pet sitting business quickly and easily..

This website is run by a group of successful pet sitting business owners, who have all contributed to our patented, industry-tested, step-by-step pet sitting business startup guide featured at our web site.

The pet sitting industry is currently booming and ordinary people are earning six-figure incomes by simply watching over pets whose owners are away on business, on vacation or just simply busy.


One thing you have to ask yourself is why would any loving pet owner want to resort to kennels.  It amounts to a temporary jail for dogs...

There are hundreds of thousands of pet sitting businesses across the U.S. & abroad, with billions being made in the industry every year.

Whether you want to work part time or full time, any one can become a pet sitter and generate a very respectable income from home or their place of business.

The question you ultimately have to ask yourself is: Why work a 9-5 job, when you can make more working only a few hours a day caring for other peoples pets.

It's really the most practical, profitable, lowest-cost business model that has come to light over the past 5 years according to several business opportunity magazines in the U.S. and the fact that they are springing up throughout nearly every city across North America, indicates this pet sector is not going away any time soon.

At our web site, we offer a comprehensive, PROVEN Pet Sitting Business Startup formula that can be applied in any city, state or country, regardless of economic conditions to create a handsome source of income for any one, experienced with pets or not.

The authors of our guide went to great lengths to create a sensible, simple yet useful, business startup formula that any one can follow, regardless of business experience or pet care, to start and run a pet care business.

We know that you'll find many other guides on the Internet claiming they have the easiest, user-friendly startup guide, however, if you do purchase any of them, and investigate just a little, you will soon learn that the website owners themselves have never ran or managed a pet sitting business.

We have been online since 1995 providing the most beneficial business & financial information to investors, entrepreneurs and business owners, and have become known as the authority in the Pet Sitting Industry.

We want you to succeed in this business, because if you don't, you will never refer any one to us ever again.  To ensure that you are able to start, run & maintain a profitable pet sitting business, we employ a staff of 12 that are on stand-by to offer tips and FREE OVER THE PHONE TRAINING, so that you are constantly attracting new clients.

Also, the great thing about this business is that there is no limit to how much you can earn in the short & long term.  Although, our guide is set up to get your business registered, bonded, insured & attracting your initial wave of new clients that will yield several thousand dollars a month.


The Duties of a Pet Sitting Business Owner

The duties & general responsibilities of a Pet Sitting Business Owner when caring for pets are certainly no different than it would be taking care of your own pet.

Keep in mind, that you will decide which services you would like to offer your clients.  Below, you will find a list of some of the services you can provide when caring for your clients pets:

  • Visits to the pet owner's home, usually 20-30 minutes each, to care for pets and the home during the owner's absence.

  • Provide walks and exercise at midday or other times as needed for dogs.

  • Keep an eye on owner's home (house-sitting), perform security checks, water plants and lawns and tend to aquariums as needed.

  • Provide doggie-day-care services and accompany dogs to play groups or special parks.

  • Care and boarding of pets in the pet sitter's home.

  • Provide pet taxi service to and from veterinary appointments and grooming visits.

  • Sell and/or deliver pet food, supplies and goods if offered as an additional service to pet owners.

Treatment of Pets as Children

According to a multitude of animal owner surveys conducted,  nearly 80% of those who participated considered their pets as their own children.  Not surprisingly, many of them were unmarried and who had no children of their own.

Pet owners hate the idea of PAYING to drop their pet off at a KENNEL or JAIL.  The personal, one-on-one level of care is simply not there, and as a result, are often miscared for.

However, based on data from the surveys taken from dozens of Pet Care Organizations across the U.S., it showed that nearly of them would jump at the opportunity to have someone personally CARE FOR THEIR PET, even if it meant paying the same amount or more than a KENNEL.

People love their pets, and want the best care for them, and which is WHY THIS SECTOR is booming.  The Pet Sitting Business Sector is one of the newest, less-riskiest, and most profitable businesses to start.

There will always be a demand for Pet Sitters, and as long as there is one, hundreds of dollars can be earned daily.

Independent Pet Sitting Businesses

(Average Revenue Within 1 Year - $60,000-110,000)

Starting an independent pet sitting business truly has its benefits, regardless of where you reside in the U.S., Canada or abroad.

The question is what would anybody want to work a 9-5 job, when they can work half has much and make 2-3 times more out of their home doing something many consider a leisure activity.

By caring for 1-2 pets a day, you rate of pay would beat half the national average income since it is a cash only business, and since you're a sole-proprietor, writing business expenses off during tax time will boost your revenues even further.  That's right.  By charging up to $30 for each pet you take care of in your home, you'll eliminate any federal & state deductions from your pay.  You will be the one that decides how  much to report at the end of the year.

We have created sure-fire formula designed to assist any individual, from any region, to start, run, maintain & grow their in-home pet sitting business.

Our guide shows you how to attract new clients through the use of FREE/LOW-COST Mass-Publicity Advertising Methods in your specific area.

And if you're worried about how you'll continue to attract new clients, don't worry.  This is primarily a word-of-mouth business.  All you need to do, as described in our startup guide is to start MOMENTUM.

You'll client list will naturally grow as a direct result of referrals.  Your initial responsibility will be to attract the first few customers and then you'll begin to receive phone calls from customer referrals.

We've been in the business for over 20 years, and we can honestly say that all you need is treat your clients pets as if they were your own, and you've got them hooked!

The average income for an independent pet sitting business owner after 6 months is between $4000-7000.  Our guarantee states that if you don't reach those income levels, that we'll refund your money in FULL, no questions asked!

Commercial Pet Sitting Businesses

(Average Revenue Within 1 Year - $250,000-500,000)

While an independent, home-based pet sitting business definitely can yield a respectable income, starting your own Commercial Pet Care Operation with employees can be even more lucrative.

Our staff of 12 currently operate a total of 172 Pet Sitting Operations throughout the United States & Canada, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue a year.

Interestingly, the actual owners of the businesses don't play a physical role in caring for the pets.  Instead, their responsibility is to attract new clients, and assign them to employees within their organization.

Employees are paid a set wage for taking care of the pets.  Usually $10 per pet, each day.  The remainder goes to the company.

Within our startup guide, you will find a complete section on how to start your own commercial pet sitting business that when setup, will yield hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

There are virtually no startup costs, due to the fact your sole responsibility will be to FIND NEW CLIENTS that are willing to pay you to take care of their pets.  And, finding new clients will be easy with our system, simply because most people consider their pets as their children "especially single people", and want premium care for them regardless of cost.

In the NEW CLIENT SECTION, you will find an arsenal of FREE/LOW-COST mass publicity methods that can be used to attract new clients, whether it be in the Yellow Pages, Bulletin Boards, City Web Sites, PPI "PAY-PER-INQUIRY" Ad Programs, etc...  You'll find everything you need to immediately find people in your area that who are willing pay you to take care of their animals.

Again, word of mouth is your best form of advertising.  If you provide your clients with top notch service, then the phone calls will come.  This is called the snowball effect, and is found in nearly every service industry.

Who Can Start a Pet Care Business?

Even Though Our Business Startup Guide Primarily Caters To North Americas & Europeans, Our Business Model Can Be Applied To Any Country In The World!

Tested In Over 170 Economies From North America, To Europe To The Far East!

The truth is, any one can start a pet sitting business, and anybody who knows anything about the industry will tell you the same, regardless of country of residence. There are other web sites on the Internet selling guides on how to pet sitting or dog walking service similar to ours, claming their product is superior that charge anywhere from $24.95 all the way up to $500.

What sets are product out from the rest is that our Business Startup Guide was written by a group of PROVEN, SUCCESSFUL Pet Sitting Business Owners & Managers.

Our mission was to create a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand reference tutorial for those looking to start an independent or crew-based pet sitting service. The end result was a guidebook that makes it easy for one to start a SUCCESSFUL Commercial or Residential pet sitting business with nothing more than a few hundred dollars in their pocket.

You will not find another guidebook on how to start a pet sitting service more intuitive and resourceful as ours on the web, guaranteed!

We have dedicated most of our lives to the pet care industry, not only because of the stable income that it provides, but something more valuable; spending time with family & freeing up more time to go on more vacations and that it offers piece of mind to worried pet owners.

Below, you will find a complete list of countries that the business plan in the "Starting A Pet Sitting Business A to Z" guidebook can be applied to:



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